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Electronic Services

Governmental E-Payment

E-Payment of Governmental Taxes & Custom Services at NBG Egypt

NBG partnering with "e-finance" to offer government collection services that enable E-Payment service to pay taxes and customs obligations to NBG’s customers and non-customers at all branches of the National Bank of Greece, though providing a distinct level of service.

What is "e-finance"?

A company contracted with the Egyptian Ministry of Finance to provide services for the establishment, installation, management and operation of the E-Payment of the Ministry of Finance.

Advantages of NBG Payment of Government

Payment is made electronically at any of NBG’s branches through the identification of the customs certificate number, the exact amount of the customs dues, which provides the following advantages:

  • Save time and effort
  • Reduce cash costs as there is no need to use bank checks or any forms of cash payment methods
  • Avoid any error in the value paid to the customs authority
  • No fines due to delay in payment as the transfer is made on the same day
  • This service is available to NBG’s customers and non-customers 

Requirements for Customs Payment:

  • Customs Shipment Reference Number
  • Account Number 
  • Customs Office Code 

NBG Payment of Taxes Electronically

Free of chargers, you will now be able to pay all types of income and sales taxes throughout the year through any of NBG’s branches and enjoy the following services:

  • Enquire on all taxes transactions executed with any desired duration
  • Save money due to free service – as well as saving costs of check issuance or bank drafts
  • Specify the amount to be paid and the type of tax (income / sales ........ etc.) through your tax number

Requirements for Tax Payment:

  • Type of Tax
  • Taxation Number
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National Bank of Greece S.A. reserves the right to change any information or requirements mentioned above without prior notice.